07 Mar, 2019

How to Fix The Division 2’s Black Screen Bug

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http://judgemysite.com/post-6247-ubisoft-hopes-the-division-2-will-be-a-runaway-success.html When The Division first hit store shelves a few years ago it was an enjoyable experience but somewhat limited in its scope. Fortunately for fans of tactical co-op shooters we live in an age where a game's content can go beyond what it's initially packaged with. A few changes and patches were made here and there and presto The Division became one of the greatest post-launch success stories in gaming history. This time around the game's loyal fan base they won't have to wait to see any of those improvements be patched into The Division 2.

I got a chance to get some hands-on time with a PC build of the single player/co-op mode to find out first-hand just what's in store for players when the full game launches later this year. The Division 2's private beta kicked off yesterday and players all around the world have been diving into the second installment of Ubisoft's shoot and loot series. While this should be a time of celebration for fans of the series some bad news broke today as a popular Twitch streamer named BikeMan took to Twitter to reveal some troubling information for players.

The open beta is due to go live today for Tom Clancy's The Division 2 and will allow players to get their hands on the game if they haven't already done so. However if the achievements are one of the more pertinent factors in deciding whether you want to purchase a game or not http://www.beanyblogger.com/abigailfowler/2019/03/07/anthems-loot-scaling-has-never-felt-quite-right/ you may be more interested in the following list that has been leaked. The usual source has leaked the PlayStation 4 trophy list but at least it gives us a decent glimpse into what the achievement list may entail.

If you're looking to play The Division 2 during this weekend's private beta then you've probably already downloaded the game on your Xbox One PlayStation 4 or PC. While many have been able to play the game without any big glaring issues others have reported issues with their game crashing before it even launches leading to the client freezing on a black screen. This is an unfortunate bug to run into as it keeps you from even being able to play the game. Luckily there is something you can do to fix it https://kerrbryan.puzl.com/_news/Far-Cry-New-Dawn-Features-a-Built-in-Benchmark/150879 and we'll share everything you need to know in this handy article.

The Division 2 private beta http://site-1569670-8120-6304.strikingly.com/blog/how-to-equip-special-ammo-in-far-cry-new-dawn whose servers just got back online following some extended downtime has a neat feature players discovered. Upon launching the game you're greeted with a character select screen that shows all the weapons and gear you have equipped. Highlighting any of your characters and scrolling through their gear pieces and weapons reveals many interesting stats. For instance https://lionelarnold.sitelio.me/anthem your weapon will show the number of bosses killed wheres gloves feature a melee kill count.

The story takes place seven months after the outbreak of the deadly virus that wiped out a hefty chunk of the population and the United States is falling into utter chaos. Players will take on the role of a Division operative who receives a distress call from Washington D.C. That's where all the action starts. Players'first objective when entering the campaign mode will be to take out members of a rival faction who are trying to invade the White House. Once the enemies are cleared out this becomes your central base of operations for the remainder of the game.

According to BikeMan http://pagegunter.shop-worlds.com/2019/03/07/technical-issues-have-plagued-anthem-from-the-start/ leaving VOIP enabled while playing The Division 2 exposes your public IP http://groupspaces.com/CoreyAustin/item/1206992 giving players way more information than they should need to play an online game with you. For Twitch streamers like BikeMan and other internet celebrities out there this is troubling news as exposure of their public IP could lead to malicious DDoS attacks. We hopped into the game to confirm the reports and according to the settings menu having VOIP enabled does indeed expose your public IP to others.


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