The Division 2 is out this week on PC

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https://www.the30daysolution.com/forums/topic/four-new-league-of-legends-skins/ The Division 2 Title Update 4 has just been released bringing the Gunner Specialization Special Field Research tasks and the Dodge City Gunslinger Exotic Holster blueprint. While fairly light on mission-based content the patch has major implications with regard to gameplay. Read the temporary patch notes below courtesy of a post on the game's subreddit.

We are here in the era of staggered game release when a release date is not truly a release date and even when the release date finally rolls around the game might not be finished yet. Anthem recently became a meme for this and other reasons with a strange and looping system of trials EA Access https://www.teampages.com/users/1243545-Maxwell-Constance/announcements/2103468-World-of-Kings-was-made-and-distributed actual release and other dates. The Division 2 is out this week on PC PS4 and Xbox One and while it's not as complex as Anthem it's still not quite so straightforward as a singular release date. Read on to see when you can actually play the game.

Early access has already begun for this game so if you have the Gold or Ultimate editions you can head to your platform of choice download and play right now. This happened a day earlier than people expected it to not that anyone is really complaining. It's unclear if this was the result of time zone trickery or just a switch that got flipped at an unexpected time but it doesn't appear to have had any adverse effects from a technical perspective. The game is silky smooth and apparently finished http://jackgus.blogmamy.pl/wpis,world-of-kings-is-a-visually-stunning-fantasy-mmorpg,6677.html which is sort of a big deal here in world of modern loot shooters.

The open beta will raise the character level cap to eight Ubisoft said. It will also include an additional story mission called Viewpoint Museum https://23bestcity.de/blogs/post/133062 along with an additional skill — Chem Launcher — with two variants https://www.clashofclans-tools.com/Thread-45178/league-of-legends-has-been-the-most-watched-games Riot Foam and Explosive Vapor. Beta participants can look forward to two more settlement projects with the second upgrade of the theater and a new skirmish player vs. player map named Capitol Ruins.

You can do this by playing the first game or much more easily reading the in-game dossiers that are unlocked at the start of the sequel. You can also catch snippets of back-story during The Division 2’s loading screens. Note that you can flip through three different types of tips and then cycle through the tips in that category. Pick “World” and then click through them.

There’s no wrestling with the Xbox app on our PCs like in Sea of Thieves. (Can you join through my profile? No it’s not showing the join option. Can you invite me? No https://honeypherson.tumblr.com/post/186486769446/world-of-kings-was-created-and-published my friends list isn’t showing up for some reason.) There’s no wrestling with inviting a party making sure everyone’s ready to go then starting a game like in Fallout 76. There’s no segregation between the action and preparation like in Anthem which can make it complicated to jump into a game with a friend.

Like the Anthem infographic before it this one manages to make a pretty straightforward piece of information look much more complicated than it is by throwing a bit too much on the map at once. The upshot is this: most people can play The Division 2 at 12:00 AM local time on March 15. The only exceptions are regions of Asia that are not South Korea or Japan which will pay at 12:00 AM HKT. So actually http://site-1548708-8241-708.strikingly.com/blog/world-of-kings-is-loong-entertainment-s-latest-mmo pretty simple.

Rocket League esports from the very beginning

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http://vapewatchforum.com/discussion/45206/rainbow-six-siege-is-quickly-approaching-anniversary?new=1 The biggest upside would be getting a team with an RLCS spot currently (Spacestation Gaming http://rojangba.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=80733 Ghost Gaming or The Peeps) or acquiring a highly talented roster that could contend for the RLCS next season (ex- EG or ex Splyce). An RLCS spot would give 100 Thieves exposure in a brand new market and open up a new revenue stream should Psyonix add 100 Thieves decals in their next esport shop expansion.

Rocket League contracts are fairly inexpensive compared to CS:GO contracts and pros would require fewer resources than a Rainbow Six team. The downsides? Finding the right pair of talent to represent 100 Thieves. Fans tend be judgemental of new expansions and if 100 Thieves were to pick up a failing roster that either was relegated or failed to qualify for the RLCS it would be a bad look for the organization.

Additionally http://www.kennelgear.co.uk/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&p=140374#140374 Fireburner's legacy extends beyond his on-field performance. As an RLCS player from day one his professionalism and dedication to the game helped legitimized Rocket League esports from the very beginning. Removed from player drama and the rare Rocket League controversy he set the standard for incoming professional players on and off the field a precedent that will extend well into the future.

Fireburner isn't done with Rocket League quite yet. He will compete with NRG for the last time at DreamHack Pro Circuit: Valencia 2019 beginning July 5th. After that http://www.studio-blu.it/index.php?option=com_kunena&func=view&catid=2&id=8327&Itemid=558#8327 he hopes to have the opportunity to share his veteran wisdom as a coach and he will be focusing on creating content for YouTube and Twitch.

As current Rocket League players will already know now is a prime time to jump into the game and see what it has to offer. That’s because the Radical Summer event is currently underway specifically the ’80s Culture portion of it. This includes a Spike Rush mode that’s already become popular with players and in-game cosmetics reminiscent of the time ‘80s all of which is available until July 22nd when the event will then focus on a different aspect of the ‘80s.

“I didn’t really understand it http://www.arlo.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=15511 but then I think it was when he subbed for a team and he went to the X Games I was like ‘Well http://myworldcircle.com/classifieds/1706/376/rainbow-six-siege-s-newest-technical-test-server X Games is huge.’ Then I watched it on TV and I was like ‘Dude it’s on TV.’ It was sort of unexpected,” Prior said. “I didn’t think it would get this big. I didn’t think he’d be world champion and one of the best players in the world.”

The only thing they left out was a winners ceremony. It’s unclear who actually won but it didn’t seem like any of the members cared. It was obvious the lawmakers weren’t pros at Rocket League http://www.partynet.at/blog/24497,MalcolmLynch,Rainbow-Six-Siege-is-rapidly-moving-toward-commemoration.html and an ESA representative said on the stream that they were looking to find a game that was easy to pick up and play something that wouldn’t take much time for them to master.

The Division 2 released just a few months ago

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https://www.clubkpop.com/forums/topic/2635/enjoy-the-marvel-future-fight-trailer-for-all-of-this/view/post_id/2737 Otherwise some of Amazon Prime Day’s best deals include a discounted PlayStation 4 controller discounted at $39.99 http://kingcameranfoundation.ning.com/profiles/blogs/saint-seiya-cosmo-fantasy-will-drag-old-and-new-fans a 1TB PlayStation 4 bundle including Marvel’s Spider-Man and Horizon Zero Dawn down from $299.99 to $447.74 and a bevy of others. Prime Day is only lasting through tomorrow so for those subscribed to Amazon Prime http://www.imfaceplate.com/KimWells/playable-character-in-saint-seiya-cosmo-fantasy these are two of the best sales days of the year for the membership.

There’s one thing to bear in mind though; you need to be an Amazon Prime member to take part in Prime Day. There are plenty of incentives to join luckily and you can get a free 30-day trial before putting cash down anyway. And if you don’t fancy keeping your subscription after the event is over? Simply quit once that free trial period expires. Nice! And if you need a new console here's our guide to the best PS4 bundle deals too.

Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed: Odyssey is the most expansive detailed and sprawling adventure yet in the long-running Assassin's Creed franchise. In many ways it's actually a lot more like an old Bethesda RPG than a traditional Assassin's Creed game. It's a full-fledged roleplaying game with branching storylines surprisingly deep quests and dozens of hours of game to get through. Set in Ancient Greece Odyssey is a surprisingly good game with plenty of post-release content to keep you playing for dozens of hours. It's on sale for $20—or $40 off its original price.

In Screen Rant's The Division 2 review in-progress Cody Gravelle called the game "the best looter shooter experience available on the market today," but The Division 2 still proved lacking in some areas - especially in regards to its story. The game's interesting world - a detailed post-apocalyptic Washington D.C. - felt like an excellent setting for an equally interesting story http://facebookhitlist.com/profiles/blogs/saint-seiya-cosmo-fantasy-begins-to-run-out-of-steam but the game didn't quite deliver leading Gravelle to call the story "rough to sift through at the best of times."

The Division 2 released earlier this year on PS4 Xbox One http://vickycarl.freeblog.biz/2019/07/16/saint-seiya-cosmo-fantasy-starts-to-come-up-short/ and PC and while it didn't make as big of a splash at launch as its predecessor it still boasts a large player base. That said many have wondered if the series will ever evolve beyond a looter-shooter. Well http://360mate.com/event/9952 Ubisoft hasn't said anything suggesting this will happen but interestingly creative director on the series Julian Gerighty may have just provided the small glimpse of hope for fans of single-player narrative-driven experiences who want to see a game in this mold from the series.

Recently a fan of the series tweeted at Gerighty suggesting that Ubisoft make a single-player narrative-driven spin-off that takes The Division formula and gameplay experience and blends it with a game like The Last of Us which has been lauded as one of the best games of all-time for its single-player https://www.robinspost.com/social/blogs/view/11035 story-driven experience.

As you can see these deals aren’t just a few dollars off games from last year. The Division 2 released just a few months ago and it’s one of the best third-person shooters we’ve played in years. Not only does it have more mission variety than its predecessor but also a sizeable endgame portion as well as free downloadable content releasing continuously.

Fortbytes in season 9 of Fortnite

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http://www.matteguiden.se/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=315690 Season 9 of Fortnite is almost over. We're in the final stretch. The Season 9 Week 10 challenges are live. Players only have a short time left to collect 90 Fortbytes to unlock the Singularity skin and solve enough challenges to get to Tier 100 and unlock all of the Season 9 Battle Pass.

This week's challenges are live and there's actually a pretty good variety of stuff to go out and do. We have elimination challenges https://doreenclara.shutterfly.com/smite searching ammo boxes a multi-stage harvesting challenge and more including visiting the new Public Service signs and using the fun new Legendary explosive item the Air Strike.

It has arrived the final batch of Fortnite season 9 challenges and with it https://www.ashgrovelearning.ca/forums/topics/grand-battle-is-the-primary-mode-in-arena-of-valor/1697/ one that indicates what’s about to happen in the game. Players are being asked to visit public service announcement signs in Neo Tilted Pressure Plant or Mega Mall. They’re propaganda posters that seem to be leading up to our coming battle between the giant robot being built at Pressure Plant and the giant monster roaming around the map that emerged from Polar Peak in Fortnite season 9.

We have finally arrived at 90 Fortbytes in season 9 of Fortnite the culmination of an epic journey all over the map collecting puzzle pieces to form a huge image. There are still 10 more to go but all you need are 90 to unlock the Singularity legendary skin. And once you do? You will be hunting for five secret unlockable styles.

One of those styles is a Rex helmet and skin palate and to find that http://adult-blogger.com/michelldewey/2019/07/12/smite-really-shines-is-with-its-assortment/ you have to locate the helmet itself. Unlike other challenges these are not listed anywhere in the game so you have to know where to find them. Fortunately http://site-1569670-8120-6304.strikingly.com/blog/smite-is-framed-by-way-of-a-camera sleuths have deduced the location of all of these well in advance thanks to some tricks with replay mode https://yaplog.jp/kellyrob/archive/11 so we know where they are already.

Players have been reporting that whenever they have shield and are shot by an opponent the effect of their shield breaking is covering their entire camera and not letting them see properly who’s in front of them. That makes it hard to open fire against these opponents since your vision is covered up by blue particles.

Epic Games first teased a Trios Tournament on June 20th but didn't offer many details aside from the start date. But now that we're a few days out from the event we know a lot more about the contest http://www.brandonedward.e-blogi.pl/komentarze,305436.html including its official name: the Trios Cash Cup.

The Division 2 on Xbox or PlayStation 4

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https://topsitenet.com/article/213518-mid-season-event-to-hit-rainbow-six-siege/ He recalled that addressing the first Division’s problems and turning it around—which they eventually started doing with its 1.4 patch a half year after release—was initially a scramble. “With the first game especially pre-1.4 we had a lot of pressure from the community and we were trying to answer all the fires that were out there,” Banchereau said. “Everything was an emergency and everything had to be handled as soon as possible.”

For the sequel http://mytruspot.com/jenniferwillard/blog/11215/a-few-adventures-in-rainbow-six-siege Ubisoft structured more development resources to the long-term health of the game. He said more developers are assigned to keeping the sequel running well post-launch. “It’s in the work pipeline of the dev team,” he said. “There is more time allocated to it. It’s prioritized differently to make sure we can actually fix the game and I believe it shows in the actual stability and quality of the game.

Check out the State of the Game full stream below for the whole thing followed by a quick recap after the jump. Also be sure to check out our previous State of the Game recap here http://www.bobbamarket.net/threads/expanded-support-for-rainbow-six-siege.138736/ where the upcoming PTS updates where discussed at length http://forums.indiegamer.com/threads/extended-help-for-rainbow-six-siege.66100/ as well as the major skills overhaul.

The Division 2 is partnering with Twitch to give players gear for the loot shooter. Users who have Twitch Prime a service that comes as part of Amazon Prime can unlock the Spears baseball apparel bundle and baseball mask right now in Ubisoft's post-apocalyptic third-person shooter. Cosmetics that turn you into an extra from The Warriors will come in handy when you are grinding for hours to unlock the new Gunner specialization.

Fixing bugs is one thing. Balancing the game he said is more tricky as it involves tweaking numbers but also sometimes changing features. Issues like a lack of support for a diverse range of character builds can be complex http://absaremadeinthekitchen.com/forum/suggestion-box/79046-world-s-best-rainbow-six-siege-teams-teams.html#80294 he noted http://www.weightlossbuddy.com/blogs/VaneMark/archive/2019/07/09/several-exploits-in-rainbow-six-siege.aspx because there are the issues of what’s a powerful build but then also how hard it is to get the right gear for it. “It’s not necessarily about the pure mathematical balancing of it,” he said. “It’s also what is perceived as the most efficient.”

And what about when game’s raid launches and everyone seems to run the same build with the same skills activated? “We’re kind of working on different timelines when it comes to addressing the balancing and producing content like the raid,” he said. “Even if we know there’s sometimes an optimum way to actually beat https://forum.ohmstudio.com/discussion/59935/mid-season-occasion-to-hit-rainbow-six-siege that doesn’t mean we should hold onto that content until the balancing is perfect.

In order to link your Ubisoft account to your Twitch Prime account you'll need to log into Twitch. From there click on the crown icon in the upper right corner and then on The Division 2 drop-down menu. You'll be directed to the Ubisoft account page where you'll either have to log in or create a new account. If you play The Division 2 on Xbox or PlayStation 4 you will need to link those consoles to your game which can be done from the in-game menu.

The Division 2 has been a weird experience

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http://simonajoule.greatwebsitebuilder.com/blog/the-arena-of-valor-world-cup-comes On Wednesday and Thursday Ubisoft is letting them try the game’s notoriously difficult eight player raid on a new “discovery” difficulty setting that will allow for matchmaking. This is one of the bigger deals in the update. When The Division 2’s raid launched in May many players complained that the new multiplayer mission wouldn’t allow for matchmaking despite a promise in marketing materials that “every activity” in the game would have it.

Instead players had to manually sync up with seven others which Ubisoft developers said they felt was important to assembling groups that would work through the raid as an effective team. (Similar games like Destiny 2 have taken the same approach.) The developers later said they would work on a compromise offering. It’s unclear if this is the entirety of it. Matchmaking support for an easier version of the raid will allow more players to see its content but said “discovery” version of the raid won’t pay out the game’s top loot rewards.

Emeline Shaw the leader of the Outcasts has fallen back from her defeat on Roosevelt Island and barricaded herself deep in the Manning National Zoo. To get to her you will need to fight through the blockades and the Outcasts who protect her to put an end to her violence. The Black Tusks and their leader have set up a strategic position close to an estate nestled deep in the woodlands and your assignment is to take them down and capture him in the new Camp White Oak mission.

It now appears Massive wanted to compromise and title update 5 is going to bring that to all players. There’s a new ‘story’ difficulty for the raid which is essentially an easier version of the same activity. This not only allows players who don’t have the time to get raid-ready to actually experience the raid http://almamay.multiblog.net/250_almamay/archive/1888_new_smite_update_adds_serpent_god.html it also comes with matchmaking enabled.

The Division 2 has been a weird experience since I very much enjoyed the initial campaign and the transition to endgame as you unlock an entirely new faction of enemies and specializations. But since then https://aldrich.blog.wox.cc/entry9.html I’ve found it somehow less engaging than The Division 1 http://troycurme.freeblog.biz/2019/07/03/smite-blitz-for-the-two-ios-and-android/ and I’m not precisely sure what it’s going to take to get me back into it. But I have a few ideas.

Before people respond with "but it's meant to be difficult," I'll explain how it works in pretty much every MMO for the past decade. Basically developers put out an easier version of the raid first http://haydenmoses.livedoor.blog/archives/19564392.html which serves as a blueprint for what's to come. Then one to two weeks later the "real" version comes which usually spurs "world first" races as teams try to discern all of the new tactics crammed into the more difficult edition. It's satisfying has multiple levels of hype involved http://www.musicrush.com/genevievesimon/blog/22964/arena-of-valors-exceptional-cash-store and has worked out wonderfully for games like Final Fantasy XIV.

That concept is coming to Division 2 after a massive blowback that forced the developer to respond. The change is very plainly detailed in the game's new patch note dump with the phrase: "Added Story Difficulty to the Washington National Airport raid." That's all part of Title Update 5 which is currently in testing http://whazzup-u.com/profiles/blogs/arena-of-valor-s-premium-currency-store and players who are partaking have confirmed that the raid will have a matchmaking concession.

Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy Tab S4

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http://barbertown.com/index.php/blog/14427/girls-x-battle-2s-official-facebook-page/ This is one of those challenges where you need to head to multiple locations within the same match. First https://glibblog.com/blogs/3211/10102/gardenscapes-have-a-you-tube-channel visit the giant beach umbrella that is on the mountain southwest of Salty Springs. Next follow the main river next to the mountain and south to Lucky Landing. On the river you’ll find a huge rubber ducky floating. Get close enough to it and you’ll complete the challenge.

"I assume the people of the map will probably fight the Polar Peak Monster," said DatFlareon14. "Two of the posters make reference to taking cover which was spread in the height of the Cold War. I imagine a missile or nuke will probably be launched. Leading to Season 10 (Apocalypse Theme anyone?)"

Current estimates for the start of season 10 based on previous timings https://www.usquidditch.org/events/view/the-year-award-goes-to-gardenscapes have it starting around July 18. At the same time https://viroboss.com/blogs/view/434 a PS4 listing for Fortnite Season 9 had it running until August 1. Developers on the game have just started two weeks of (well-earned) mandatory vacation so that could also affect any big planned events.

The most efficient way to complete this challenge as evidenced by the video at the top of this article is to land right on top of a volcano vent just south of the volcano and use that to vault up to the sky platform. From there http://toparticlesubmissionsites.com/gardenscapes-does-nail-its-atmosphere/ use either air vent — but preferably the one that launches you south. Then it’s a short walk over to a nearby zipline to complete this challenge.

At the start of the year it unveiled the Guard skin alongside the Honor View 20 http://forum.l2tower.eu/thread-township-is-a-city-building-app but perhaps the most memorable was the pearlescent Galaxy skin that dropped in Spring 2018 with the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy Tab S4. At release RRP on the S9 was closer to £750.

Gone are the central structures that were once in the crater part of the plant. In their place is a giant empty space and what appears to be two huge bay doors. Dataminers have gone inside the doors (you can’t break through them with your pickaxe) and have found a large blank cavern there https://www.bivbo.com/blogs/2495/757/gardenscapes-nails-its-climate indicating something should be under there that the game simply isn’t populating yet.

Head to one of the beach parties and find the carnival clown board. Hold down the button required to start the minigame and balloons will start to appear on the board. You need to pop them. We recommend using your pickaxe to hit them. Do this 10 times in a row without stopping and you will complete the challenge. This will net you the beach balls trail cosmetic.

Rainbow Six Siege is getting a new ranked mode

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http://almamay.multiblog.net/250_almamay/archive/1839_pubgs_update_30_has_a_new_feature.html It looks like the next Rainbow Six Siege limited-time event is close because leaks are getting serious. The theme of the upcoming Rainbow Six Siege event appears to be a Wild West robbery. After an assortment of Wild West-themed skins popped up in the game’s files a new datamine revealed what the event may actually be.

Spotted by PCGamesN audio from the in-game narrator has leaked referencing a bank robbery by the Graveltop gang and an impending raid by the lawmen. Judging by previous events http://troycurme.freeblog.biz/2019/06/20/pubg-is-getting-another-feature/ the next one will likely change the look of one of the game’s maps and add a twist to an existing mode. In this case the bio-hazard container may be replaced with a stack of gold which attackers will need to secure to win the round.

Info has recently surfaced that the new gadgets for Year 4 Season 3 operators may have leaked. This has been an ongoing occurrence for Rainbow Six Siege so many believe these leaks will become factual as they have in the past. There is still no word on the operator’s names or if they will be using unique guns unlike the last pair of operators. Nevertheless if these leaks are true players can start anticipating how the new pair will change the playing field.

The leaks were reportedly leaked from an individual who goes by the name of Kormora. Kormora has released accurate information in the past and is quite active on ResetEra http://vapewatchforum.com/discussion/41869/being-successful-in-world-of-warships?new=1 a gaming forum used to discuss the latest news or trends in games. One user requested if any news had leaked about the new operators in the coming season in which Kormora replied they had initially been told there would be an operator who could go up hatches but they now had a list of updated details. This is what was shown.

Rainbow Six Siege is getting a new ranked mode soon but it’s not set to go live until the next season. However http://whazzup-u.com/profiles/blogs/pre-registration-for-pubg-lite-india Ubisoft is giving you a chance to try out the rule changes early with the Ranked Reborn playlist now live alongside the current free weekend. You’ll be able to dive in and try the new rules from now until June 10.

Ranked Reborn is technically a casual playlist meaning it won’t actually affect your rank for the duration of the event – it’s just a preview for the rule changes. Most notably we’re getting pick and ban where teams take turns to each ban an attacker and a defender they don’t want to deal with.

PC and PS4 players and those with Xbox Live Gold on Xbox One can play Rainbow Six Siege free this weekend. Starting today the free weekend will provide the opportunity to test the upcoming Ranked Mode http://www.musicrush.com/genevievesimon/blog/22124/new-patch-is-currently-available-on-the-pubg including the Ranked Reborn Playlist. You’ll also be able to play every single mode including the newcomer playlist http://myworldcircle.com/classifieds/1706/364/world-of-warships-is-also-adding-submarines and Reverse Friendly Fire. If you like what you play http://site-1569670-8120-6304.strikingly.com/blog/other-additions-in-pubg-update-30 all progress will carry over upon purchase.

Rainbow Six Siege’s Y4S2 Operation Phantom

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http://www.mapplumber.com/forums/topic/the-first-step-to-playing-neverwinter/ With Rainbow Six Siege's Operation Phantom Sight kicking off this week https://evolskill.com/forums/topic/2152/abilities-give-many-benefits-in-neverwinter/view/post_id/2317 we've entered the season for leaks. If a new info dump on ResetEra by reliable leaker Kormora is to be believed https://www.wannabay.com/blogs/view/1703 the operators gadgets for Siege's Year 4 Season 3 are coming into focus.

Kormora's source shared the function of both Year 4 Season 3 operator gadgets. The attacker uses a grappling hook to quickly ascend up to windows and through hatches. We first reported this info back in April http://www.azmepakistan.tv/blogs/1165/23006/world-of-warplanes-has-a-few-key-features so nothing totally new there but it is further confirmation. The defender is a new story though. They use a "special deployable shield" equipped with a canister that drops fire on the ground when destroyed.

It’s only been a day since Operation Phantom Sight launched and fans already have a new round of operator leaks to sink their teeth into. The Y4S3 operator abilities are rumored to be a deployable shield with some kind of flame cannister and a hatch-ascending attacker.

Rainbow Six Siege’s Y4S2 Operation Phantom Sight only just launched but fans are already looking ahead to the next one. Year four Season three of Rainbow Six Siege does not yet have an official name and Ubisoft typically waits a few months before hinting at what’s to come in the next season.

However https://www.trophees.e-marketing.fr/forum/decouvrez-votre-forum/neverwinter-s-fey-aren-t-just-wild thanks to ResetEra forum member and generally reliable leaker Kormora we now have an idea about the types of gadgets that will be introduced to the game in Season three. The attacker as earlier leaks suggested will indeed have a grappling hook. This will allow them to grapple up to top hatches which at this point are unusable by attackers save for taking a shot an enemy above. The grappling hook can also be used to go through windows and such.

The trailer alone sent fans into a frenzy especially with the appearance of Ela one of the operators in Rainbow Six Siege. The game's trailer gave off major "Left 4 Dead" vibes with the tense atmosphere and the fear that unknown threats lurk around every corner.

During the company's press conference https://uplyftt.com/blogs/1273/529/hunter-ranger-in-the-neverwinter-mmorpg Ubisoft followed its gameplay reveal of Watch Dogs Legion with a new trailer for Rainbow Six Siege Year 4: Phantom Sight. The new expansion adds two new Operators to the game one of which is the focus of the new trailer you can watch below. Phantom Sight launches tomorrow http://100things.com.au/topic/positive-facets-of-the-world-of-warplanes June 11.

Team shooter Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

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https://www.the30daysolution.com/forums/topic/new-special-event-of-world-of-tanks/ Rainbow Six Siege's developer Ubisoft has long maintained its desire to get the Tom Clancy shooter to the 100 Operator mark before making a sequel. The company has again repeated that wish https://abnercrane.wordpress.com/2019/06/05/naval-battle-to-consoles-in-world-of-warships/ saying it still doesn't plan on making Siege 2 https://www.recetario.es/forum/next-chapter-world-tanks/49651 even when the next PlayStation and Xbox consoles launch.

"We don't want a sequel whatsoever," Siege's brand director Alexandre Remy told the Daily Star. "The reason behind this is we don't want to segregate our community between the different platforms. In an ideal world https://www.ashgrovelearning.ca/forums/topics/way-to-get-thrown-into-world-of-tanks/1390/ we'd love players from every platform to be able to play together. We are approaching next-gen with the same spirit."

Rainbow Six: Siege may be a multiplayer juggernaut but the series made its name on tactical single-player experiences. A contingent of fans have asked if the game would ever include a campaign of its own but according to Siege’s Brand Director the answer is a resounding “no." It’s been over a decade since a Rainbow Six title had a proper campaign. Excluding the mobile-only Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard the last instances were the acclaimed Rainbow Six: Vegas games released in 2006 and 2008.

The fact that Siege itself arose from the ashes of the famously canceled Rainbow Six: Patriots adds insult to injury as the ambitious and somewhat controversial title was centered on a U.S. domestic terrorist group who capture New York City to combat corporate corruption. Patriots’ 2011 reveal garnered much excitement https://www.clashofclans-tools.com/Thread-31175/world-of-tanks-creator-slava-makarov but Ubisoft canned the project in 2014 after a troubled development cycle.

The Twitch Database-Link-e1521645463907 Rivals x Rainbow Six Siege Celebrity Showdown competition will air immediately after Ubisoft’s E3 media briefing on Monday http://www.matteguiden.se/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=284652 June 10. It will be broadcast live on the Ubisoft Twitch channel the Twitch Rivals channel http://84272.homepagemodules.de/t12490f4-World-of-Warships-will-have-new-battleships.html#msg15243 and also the channel of each participating streamer.

Musicians Faheem “T-Pain” Najm and Miles “Lil Yachty” McCollum will each captain a team with streamers such as “AnneMunition,” “Sacriel,” “ZanderLP,” and “Lil_Lexi” also competing. The teams will battle for a total $100K prize pool with $40K going to the winning team’s chosen charity $10K going to the losing team’s chosen charity and $50K split amongst the winning team’s streamers.

Ubisoft is continuing with its intentions to not release a sequel to its ultra-tactical team shooter Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. Speaking with British newspaper The Daily Star the developer reiterated plans to support the 2015 title going forward with hopes of transitioning the action onto powerful next-gen platforms.


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http://theodorehenley.blog.cz/1905/trials-rising-leans-in-to-the-slapstick Rainbow Six Siege is the story of how one developer’s commitment managed to turn a rough launch into a popular http://junglistdownload.com/clydecook/blog/1600/the-latest-mlb-the-show-19-topps growing title. While Siege has conquered a share of the shooter market and continues to enjoy player growth Ubisoft is tackling another angle for the team-based title. Now Siege is becoming a common game for esports organizations to invest in.

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Phantom Sight expansion introduces two new Operators. The trailer below showcases the second of the two https://www.bivbo.com/blogs/2495/599/super-confident-about-trials-rising Warden. Collinn "Warden" McKinley is one Team Rainbow's oldest Operators https://altcourt.org/blog/1915/1259/mlb-the-show-19-is-coming-to-pc bringing 30 years of career experience to the group. In the new trailer which can be watched below Warden is identified as a Defender.

It’s already a known fact that Windows’s update is dealing with some bugs. In the development of Windows 19H1 (aka 1903) there were some GSOD resulting problems with a number of anti-cheat services. As a result Microsoft blocked the update for Windows 10 users that were running games with anti-cheat software. Because the bugs were so frequent this was the best possible solution to adopt.

Coming to RAINBOW SIX SIEGE as part of OPERATION PHANTOM SIGHT are two brand-new RAINBOW SIX SIEGE OPERATORS. In this guide we’re taking a look at the mysterious attacker NOKK. Read on to learn everything there is to know about the new RAINBOW SIX SIEGE Operator Nokk. We’ll go through HOW TO UNLOCK NOKK NOKK’S PLAYSTYLE NOKK’S WEAPONS NOKK’S ABILITY and more. This is your one-stop shop for everything related to the new OPERATOR IN RAINBOW SIX SIEGE.

The first look at each operator comes in the form of a GIF. While it’s difficult to see any concrete details within the GIF there may be a few key aspects that validate past leaks. The top operator most likely named “Warden,” according to leaks is sporting the suit that was mentioned in the leaks from March. The operator also appears to be wearing some sort of eyewear which was rumored to be the operator’s unique ability. The image is a bit hazy but Warden also looks to be sporting a bulletproof vest over his suit jacket http://socialpulse.com/blog/2197/neverwinter-carries-a-fair-amount-of-prestige/ which was mentioned in the leaks.

It's called Reverse Friendly Fire and Ubisoft offers an extensive breakdown of the new mechanic via this blog. The short version is that this new system is designed to allow people who are shot by a teammate to re-direct the bullets to the person that fired them while taking no damage themselves. The hope is that this will dissuade chronic team killers who may eventually get banned but are able to ruin other people's games in the meantime.

In a world where the Overwatch League’s multimillion-dollar franchise spots are making headlines along with stunning prize pools for Fortnite and Dota 2’s Invitational https://glibblog.com/blogs/3211/9555/trials-rising-is-the-best-game-to-recommend Siege is taking a slower steadier approach. Polygon spoke with Che Chou Ubisoft’s senior director of esports http://www.wasalam.com/classifieds/3841/331/mlb-the-show-19-is-coming-to-xbox-one about how Ubisoft is building its own esports scene in 2019 and what that development means for players.

Rainbow Six Siege's Operation Phantom Sight starts

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http://360mate.com/event/9079 Fusing signature abilities of existing defenders Vigil and Caveira HEL Presence Reduction fully conceals her mesh-draped silhouette. Once cloaked Nkk enters a state comparable to Caveira's Silent Step masking the patter of footsteps while also invisible to defender cameras. She's the first anti-intelligence attacker on the roster muddying the growing surveillance network hitting defensive hands.

N?kk's ability to slip past the cameras of Valkyrie Echo http://socialpulse.com/blog/2150/madden-20-will-feature-college-football/ and Maestro (as well as bulletproof cams) will make her valuable on map positions where defender surveillance is hard to counter. It also gives her a protection against spawn peeks that rely on exterior cameras to pull off. When I played against N?kk on defense there was an extra layer of paranoia as our team couldn't completely trust our eyes and ears.

On the attacking team Nokks Hel Presence Reduction gadget effectively pairs Vigils counter-surveillance tech with Caveiras Silent Step ability to give the attackers their first thoroughbred stealth operator. She can temporarily cloak herself from camera feeds and quieten her footsteps making her very tricky to keep track of. Unlike Vigil Noks cloaking device won't fully deactivate when shooting instead it will just glitch revealing a rough outline on cameras that can't be pinged by defenders.

Nokk is for all intents and purposes an attacking version of Vigil. Her Hel gadget allows her to become near-invisible to enemy cameras. The ability is timed http://www.streetcarsrater.com/forum/topic/171940 so you won't be invisible forever but this could be a very powerful tool for pushing objective rooms. Her weapon selection includes the FMG-9 SMG the Six12 SD shotgun and the Desert Eagle-like D-50 http://www.imfaceplate.com/KimWells/its-possible-the-move-to-an-nhl-20-system which is very powerful and can be equipped with a suppressor.

Anyway back to more relevant matters. Wardens real name is Collinn McKinley and despite or perhaps because of his appearance he is a 30-year veteran of the U.S. Secret Service. No ageism in this roster. Ubisoft says Wardens rec specs are in fact Glance Smart Glasses How they work in gameplay isn't known. Canonically http://brooklynne.net/profiles/blogs/madden-20-will-not-feature-longshot-mode They reflect the nature of his natural talent to see what most cannot in order to gain the upper hand in any given situation says Ubi. He would be just as talented without them but with them there's nothing he can't tackle.

The new operators hail from different places with one hailing from the U.S Secret Service while the other comes from the Danish Jaeger Corps. One noticeable thing is that there are no new weapons in this content drop. We talked to the team about this and we'll have more shortly but in short http://facebookhitlist.com/profiles/blogs/madden-20-is-just-around-the-corner with nearly 80 weapons the team say they're hitting the realistic limit of weapons they can include.

Nokk demands a unique offensive approach best positioned out of the spotlight and waiting for the window to strike. She's the first Operator where breaking away from allies is near encouraged with map knowledge essential to draw the most from the loadout. However http://vickycarl.freeblog.biz/2019/05/20/nba-2k20-shall-return-later-this-year/ her ability shines when doubled with regular assessment of surroundings still rewarding organized communicative teams.

Fate/Grand Order is likely the video game

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http://www.beanyblogger.com/hugowordsworth/2019/05/13/mlb-the-show-19-included-some-new-game-modes/ Last year it was announced that the Fate/Grand Order smartphone game will be getting a TV anime and a two-part film project. The Fate/Grand Order: Zettai Maju Sensen Babylonia television anime will adapt the "Dai Nana Tokuiten Zettai Maju Sensen Babylonia" (Order VII: The Absolute Frontline in the War Against the Demonic Beasts: Babylonia) story https://betsybrewster.vuodatus.net/lue/2019/05/double-xp-event-rolls-around-neverwinter while Fate/Grand Order Shinsei Entaku Ryoiki Camelot: Wandering.

A 15-minute anime based on Riyo's Learning with Manga. Fate/Grand Order (Manga de Wakaru. Fate/Grand Order) manga debuted during the Fate Project ōmisoka TV Special 2018 (Fate Project New Year's Eve TV Special) on Monday. The anime is now streaming on the Fate/Grand Order game's YouTube channel. The manga runs on the Fate/Grand Order smartphone game's website and Twitter account. Kadokawa published the first compiled volume in August 2017. The manga also serializes in English on the game's English website.

The first solo event of the popular franchise Fate/Grand Order (FGO) in the US Fate/Grand Order U.S.A. Tour 2019 https://huldavictor.sitelio.me/neverwinter made its first stop in Los Angeles on 23 and 24 February. The event will be held between February and November 2019 at 5 venues in 4 cities. I went on behalf of MANGA.TOKYO to take a look at the event in LA. In front of California Market Center in the heart of Los Angeles FGO fans were already lining up before the opening time. I could feel their excitement.

The first major story arc for the global version of Fate/Grand Order mobile game concluded just a few weeks ago with the release of the seventh singularity chapter http://site-1629719-8599-7183.strikingly.com/blog/neverwinter-is-one-of-several-d-d-video-games but fans know that only marks the beginning for the budding masters of Chaldea. With the new "Epic of Remnant" chapters already confirmed for release for Fate/Grand Order global both DelightWorks and Aniplex will be ramping up exposure for the iOS and Android game with a "Fate/Grand Order U.S.A. Tour 2019" event to be hosted across the United States throughout the coming year.

Fate/Grand Order is likely the video game that receives the most figures among the whole production of the Japanese gaming industry. This time around its time for a new one portraying Elizabeth Bathory. To be more specific the version of Elizabeth Bathory portrayed is the Brave one which was initially released during the Halloween 2016 event and its coming from Takatsuki-based manufacturer quesQ.

The official website for the Fate/Grand Order stage plays revealed a second main visual on January 11 for the ongoing Fate/Grand Order The Stage -Dai Nana Tokuiten Zettai Maju Sensen Babylonia (Order VII: The Absolute Frontline in the War Against the Demonic Beasts: Babylonia) stage play. The play ran at Sankei Hall Breeze in Osaka from January 11-14 and is running at the Nippon Seinenkan Hall in Tokyo from January 19-27. Sakurako Fukuyama is returning to direct http://maricotolander.greatwebsitebuilder.com/blog/new-content-for-neverwinter-releases-later write the script and write song lyrics. Akane otsuka is again composing the music.

Last year http://sylviamadge.bloger.co.il/296186/ Aniplex announced that Final Fantasy and Vampire Hunter D artist Yoshitaka Amano would create his own artwork based on the Fate/Grand Order mobile game. That announcement came to life at the Aniplex+ booth at this year's AnimeJapan convention over the weekend with multiple pieces available for viewing. If you weren't able to make it the event in person don't worry. Aniplex+ has a virtual gallery to browse. https://blog.dnevnik.hr/ronrobesoner/2019/05/1632236177/world-of-warplanes-is-not-a-flight-sim.html

Diamond LeBron James card for your NBA 2K19

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https://neolatino.ning.com/profiles/blogs/fifa-20-needs-to-pose-challenge-to-players Expect to see the Moments cards start to flow again when the NBA resumes its regular season on Thursday with six games. Perhaps a rested and recovered LeBron James will explode for a Moments-card-worthy performance against the Houston Rockets. Also keep an eye out for Steph Curry playing at home against the Sacramento Kings. He's averaging 38.5 points per game with 7.5 made threes per contest against Sacramento in two games this season.

Obviously the 20th Anniversary pack would have offered the chance at the higher-rated card but getting the Diamond is a sure thing. The card is rated a 95 overall and solid in every area. I still believe James should have a Galaxy Opal card but that's not the case. This would have been a great time to unveil one and it would have also generated a significant rush toward attaining the card. However as it is https://blog.dnevnik.hr/leopoldbird/2019/05/1632235123/nba-2k19-myteam-20th-anniversary-promotion.html there should be a lot more James cards in circulation after Thursday.

Now that LeBron has made history NBA 2K19 has released a special new locker code for gamers. This is a rather sweet gift as it presents a chance to win a Diamond LeBron James card for your NBA 2K19 MyTeam. Don't worry if you don't win that as you might win a five card LeBron 20th Anniversary Pack. That could hold a LeBron Diamond card inside as well.

Most players in NBA history would kill for that stat line at any point in their careers http://sebastianhumphrey.greatwebsitebuilder.com/blog/how-to-use-pubg-mobile-lucky-egg let alone when they were 34 years old like James. However for James the FG% is his lowest in four seasons and the three-point accuracy is down from the last two years. Also James' free-throw shooting dipped to a career-low 66 percent. All of that has led him to a 96-overall rating to close out what has been a disappointing first season with the Lakers. That's down one point from the last rating update.

While we know it's going to take time to farm MTP who wouldn't want to know the most efficient ways to earn? I've been playing MyTeam consistently for months and while there's also a reason to chase tokens (Galaxy Opals and select Pink Diamonds) the pursuit of MTP is what normally drives my grind. On my MyTeam journey http://gustavebarney.blogmamy.pl/wpis,nba-2k19-update-109-patch-9-notes,6273.html I've found the following activities to be the most efficient way to earn MTP.

While it isn't one of the most-played modes in the game MyLeague Online has one of the most devoted followings and this year's version was wrought with problems. It seems slowly but surely things are rounding into shape. However https://larryjudson.vuodatus.net/lue/2019/05/pubg-s-last-update-introduced-new-feature there are still a few lingering problems like the issue where the attributes of draft class prospects randomly change.

In addition to the James locker code NBA 2K also released five new Throwback Elite cards. Artis Gilmore https://bridgetbaker.sitelio.me/pubg Wilt Chamberlain Billy Cunningham Bob Love http://site-1646560-8163-2685.strikingly.com/blog/pubg-mobile-was-banned-in-several-cities and Bobby Jones received Diamond or Pink Diamond treatment. Gilmore and Chamberlain now have 97-rated Pink Diamonds with Cunningham Love and Jones checking in with 95-rated Diamonds. Considering I have an All-Bulls-Everything lineup the Gilmore and Love cards are attractive.

Explore Neverwinter's biggest expansion early

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http://all4webs.com/eltondewar/neverwinter.htm That's why the situation is so complicated: There are so many changes to Neverwinter that have yet to be tested to really determine how the MMORPG will play later. The effects are not yet in sight. In addition http://julietcommons.jigsy.com/entries/general/neverwinter-s-ravenloft-module-launches-today the tests and the criticism could lead to adjustments being made. Even after the release of Undermountain in the spring there may be some optimizations. Nevertheless it is understandable that such extensive changes to an MMORPG scare the players.

The decision did not come lightly. Developer Cryptic Studios has issued a statement that the move was made with the best interests of their fans at heart. Given limited resources https://dreamtolearn.com/node/EDFW0INA15R0ZSA69RKDATPSN/1MDDMDCOBGIBYO019CWCVQG0U/9 the developers couldn't keep The Foundry running without sacrificing the quality of the their own content releases and updates. Cryptic Studios will continue to support and release content for Neverwinter and Star Trek Online and despite the implications of the announcement http://quincyroosevelt.pixnet.net/blog/post/284934620-dungeons-and-dragons-in-neverwinter both titles still enjoy a dedicated and sizeable player base.

What a dangerous adventure can do without a worthy reward? The correct answer is no. Therefore the brave heroes of MMORPG Neverwinter who were not afraid to descend into the tunnels located under the Yawning Portal tavern are waiting for untold riches a sea of lost artifacts and magical items. Among all these treasures there is one that deserves special attention the Mad Magician's Chest. It was there that Halaster concealed the true wonders of magic for example The Legendary Machine of Hellfire https://www.givology.org/~TiffanyRaman/blog/678805/ a vehicle. It increases the speed of movement by 140% adds 4,000 points to the owner to the probability of a critical hit and is also able to deal with your enemies flooding everything around with hot lava.

A job faire goes horribly awry in the Blacklake District when Walnut Dankgrass (Amy Falcone) asks adventurers to eliminate the competition who are potentially luring eager prospects away. Aiding the Druid leads to even greater opportunity: an intern trial at the newly-constructed Acq. Inc. headquarters in the heart of Protectors Enclave. One exhilarating orientation later adventurers are set loose on the Sword Coast with a mission from Omin Dran (Jerry Holkins) himself Find some giant red rubies With the occasional assistance from Jim Darkmagic (Mike Krahulik) http://adult-blogger.com/michelldewey/2019/04/24/event-begins-on-november-29th-in-neverwinter/ players begin an expedition throughout the Sword Coast that grows more ridiculous with every request: infiltrate a Beholder convention.

On Friday March 1 intrepid adventurers looking to explore Neverwinter's biggest expansion early can begin doing so on our Preview server Mimic. Players looking to access content ahead of PC updates can visit Neverwinter's PTS guide to copy an existing character over to Mimic (or create a new character in-game) and begin playing all-new content ahead of release. Along with early access players can also provide feedback about their experience on the PTS forums.

While Cryptic Studios isn't going to stop releasing new updates and content releases for either of its massive multiplayer online titles fans of either game are lamenting the loss of years worth of custom missions and adventures. To help comfort long-time fans and give new players the chance to participate while they still can Cryptic Studios is giving out awards to players who have helped to make The Foundry what it is.

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